Nothing is quite as it seems on this down-the-rabbit-hole journey through iconic imagery from the golden era of the West Coast. The animations sit between psychedelia and surrealism, seamlessly morphing between scenes as the track sweeps and stutters through a visual fable reminiscent of 90’s street culture. The vibrancy and fluidity of the artwork evolve with every frame, taking form long only enough to be recognized before reimagining itself once again. Buckle up and take an unforgettable journey through the city of Los Angeles and the underground culture that defined a generation and generations to come.

Thami Nabil is a French animator and illustrator with an art style influenced by the stories, colors, and animated shorts from the 60's and 70's. Ranging from still illustrations to digital videos, Nabil's distorted realities are entrancing to say the least. The labor of love is apparent in every inch of his work; Nabil's mystifying characters populate an imagined universe, tied together by his palette of materials and narrative storytelling, rich with color and detail. This video was a collaborative effort with artist and director, Julien Calemard. The two have also collaborated on the music video for "Poster Child" by Red Hot Chili Peppers.