A melodic, anthemic behemoth of a track built on a muscular, downtempo break. “Radial Lens" calls for a mediative experience, drawing reference to mid-2000s industrial, as well as downtempo IDM with hypnotic synths dancing around the thunderous rumble of percussion. 

Centered around ethereal landscapes, the video conceptualizes an uncanny feeling with intentionally disorienting camera work, creating a sense of otherworldliness as it moves through each scene. These landscapes subsist as liminal spaces, each revealing an untold story carried out through dream-like sequences, venturing into a surreal world saturated in color and fantastical beauty. 

Tom Segev is an artist, art director, and digital creative based in Tel Aviv. Tom’s projects range from concept design to video, fashion, and audio visual experiences. He has presented his works in various venues across Israel and Europe. Segev also co-founded the local Tel Aviv based label, Sadan Records, which features local emerging audio visual artists, alongside with well established ones.