Static Effect [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Pairing the idea of this noisy atmosphere of sound inspired a monotonic visual havoc of human-fail videos, destruction, and horror. It is an on-going mayhem of confusion, fear, and mystery- reflecting the human challenge of navigating life without getting lost in the complex pandemonium. The longer we survive and age into the world around us, the more challenging it can become to remain grounded and in control of your mind when presented with the unknown future. You stare into the TV to fill your ears with static noise and ask yourself who are the heroes, and who are the bad guys. Who truly wins the war of morality and righteousness? And the inevitable acceptance of never unequivocally knowing.

This artwork attempts to reflect the idea of this journey in life as the Static Effect: The pursuit of an unfaltering ending that you are unable to predict. Sometimes we find ourselves in a position of balance and harmony, and sometimes we lose synchronization with the world around us, seeking to find our footing once more.

Don Elektro is an artist and graphic designer living and working in Schwarzenberg Germany. He is a founding member of the KOTZ art gang and also well connected with different artists, networks and platforms. He has been a digital and social media artist since 2013 - since then he has explored the virtual and visual world of arts and what lies in between. He transforms imagery into multilayered artworks, attempting to connect feelings through aesthetics and visual language. 

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