Founded by Aura T-09 (Marcia Pinna) and Trickfinger (John Frusciante), Evar Records is an electronic music label dedicated to finding collective harmony in a disparate group of sounds. First established in 2020, Evar is multifaceted by design, cultivating a space that embraces the importance of sonic exploration and artistic freedom.

With a fundamental emphasis on genre hybridization, Evar aims to cultivate an ever-evolving multidimensional experience that upholds musical integrity through a holistic approach. By considering how the body, mind and spirit connect back to genuine artistic expression, Evar leans into true feeling, allowing its forward-thinking instinct to take hold.

At its core, Evar looks to raise global vibration and define the future through innovation, particularly taking stock of the transitory spaces that represent limitless potential and ultimately remove aesthetic specificity from the equation. Through the eradication of sonic barriers, Evar Records marks a departure from convention destined to inspire others to take risks, unlock the innocence of creativity and celebrate infinite possibility. 

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