Step into an aquatic underworld where ancient civilization and the future collides. Step one: embark on the digi-submarine. Step two: transcend time and travel underwater at speed, soundtracked by melancholic moods and liquid melodies. Step three: come up for air, float along the shores and descend to the new world order.

Pietro Bardini is an Italian, London-based artist. His approach focuses on audio-visual programming in the form of installations and performances. As an alumna of Barbican Young Visual Arts Group (2018) and Barbican Design Yourself (2019), Bardini is an exceptional talent. In 2018, he was nominated for a TV composer award at the MCPS Production Awards. He has since worked with prolific music production libraries, including FELT Music, String and Tins, Narrative Mind and Goldstein. Bardini has exhibited work in the Barbican Centre, Borough Road Archive, The Crypt Gallery, Guest Projects, MK Gallery, LOA Gallery, University of Birmingham, IKLECTIK and Rio Cinema.


 The “White Fungus” video is focused on taking the viewer on a journey between reality and fiction. None of the shown footage is real, everything is created artificially, while still pretending to appear naturally in front of the viewers eyes through a lens, always searching for the right frame in order to capture the right moment.

Pppanik aka Pali is an interdisciplinary artist and graphic designer specializing in generative, audioreactive and 3D visuals.


Sin City meets the ungovernable darkness of Robert Pattinson’s Batman in this non-stop thriller. Inspired by NARA’s background in boxing and Jade Jackman’s affinity for action, this neo-noir underground fight-club finds itself hidden in the gritty underbelly of an imagined city, tucked away in the shadows of a vampiric underworld. Pummeling kicks and screaming synths shred through the air while the no holds barred duel ensues. Punches are thrown. Blood is spat. The mob of spectators taunts and cheers. The dizzying madness of rage is almost all but too much before the score is settled. Who will be victorious?

Jade Ang Jackman is a London based director. She is currently working on her first narrative project with Steve McQueen’s production company, Lammas Park, and runs Babes with Blades, an action genre based platform channeling diverse talent and razor sharp aesthetics. 



Nothing is quite as it seems on this down-the-rabbit-hole journey through iconic imagery from the golden era of the West Coast. The animations sit between psychedelia and surrealism, seamlessly morphing between scenes as the track sweeps and stutters through a visual fable reminiscent of 90’s street culture. The vibrancy and fluidity of the artwork evolve with every frame, taking form long only enough to be recognized before reimagining itself once again. Buckle up and take an unforgettable journey through the city of Los Angeles and the underground culture that defined a generation and generations to come.

Thami Nabil is a French animator and illustrator with an art style influenced by the stories, colors, and animated shorts from the 60's and 70's. Ranging from still illustrations to digital videos, Nabil's distorted realities are entrancing to say the least. The labor of love is apparent in every inch of his work; Nabil's mystifying characters populate an imagined universe, tied together by his palette of materials and narrative storytelling, rich with color and detail. This video was a collaborative effort with artist and director, Julien Calemard. The two have also collaborated on the music video for "Poster Child" by Red Hot Chili Peppers.


An experiment of time, space and movement, audio-reactive techniques create a vibrant work synchronized with the ghostly voices and rumbling kick drums on “Dark Fours”. As the music and visuals cascades into a multi-sensorial thunderstorm, interactions between sound and shape form a relationship of their own complex design -  sharing the same breath, speaking the same language.  The colors appear multi-dimensional, unfolding into a mesmerizing display of shapes and patterns, differentiated by their intricacies. Ambiguity presides amidst the generative blur of shapeshifting visuals, bearing merely a resemblance to reality, subverting expectations as a response to the unpredictable nature of Dev/Null’s skittering breaks.

pppanik a.k.a. pali is an interdisciplinary artist and graphic designer specializing in generative, audioreactive and 3D visuals. They also teach generative art on their Patreon.

Static Effect [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Pairing the idea of this noisy atmosphere of sound inspired a monotonic visual havoc of human-fail videos, destruction, and horror. It is an on-going mayhem of confusion, fear, and mystery- reflecting the human challenge of navigating life without getting lost in the complex pandemonium. The longer we survive and age into the world around us, the more challenging it can become to remain grounded and in control of your mind when presented with the unknown future. You stare into the TV to fill your ears with static noise and ask yourself who are the heroes, and who are the bad guys. Who truly wins the war of morality and righteousness? And the inevitable acceptance of never unequivocally knowing.

This artwork attempts to reflect the idea of this journey in life as the Static Effect: The pursuit of an unfaltering ending that you are unable to predict. Sometimes we find ourselves in a position of balance and harmony, and sometimes we lose synchronization with the world around us, seeking to find our footing once more.

Don Elektro is an artist and graphic designer living and working in Schwarzenberg Germany. He is a founding member of the KOTZ art gang and also well connected with different artists, networks and platforms. He has been a digital and social media artist since 2013 - since then he has explored the virtual and visual world of arts and what lies in between. He transforms imagery into multilayered artworks, attempting to connect feelings through aesthetics and visual language. 


Traces of the past fill this futuristic alternate timeline. A visitor from beyond observes the dystopian remnants and recycles the ruins back into nature; a new cycle begins. Directed by Aura-T09 and animated by Lucid Interval, this cyber-video showcases real-world brutalist architecture in a video game environment as you soar between structures and glide across the flooded remains. 

Derek Holguin is a 3D artist based out of Los Angeles, also known to create under the alias of Lucid Interval. Derek's visual work shifts between 3D animation, game design, live visuals, and installation art. Virtual cyber-scapes and animated collages reflect the concepts of consciousness and other mysteries of the universe that continue to inspire. 


A melodic, anthemic behemoth of a track built on a muscular, downtempo break. “Radial Lens" calls for a mediative experience, drawing reference to mid-2000s industrial, as well as downtempo IDM with hypnotic synths dancing around the thunderous rumble of percussion. 

Centered around ethereal landscapes, the video conceptualizes an uncanny feeling with intentionally disorienting camera work, creating a sense of otherworldliness as it moves through each scene. These landscapes subsist as liminal spaces, each revealing an untold story carried out through dream-like sequences, venturing into a surreal world saturated in color and fantastical beauty. 

Tom Segev is an artist, art director, and digital creative based in Tel Aviv. Tom’s projects range from concept design to video, fashion, and audio visual experiences. He has presented his works in various venues across Israel and Europe. Segev also co-founded the local Tel Aviv based label, Sadan Records, which features local emerging audio visual artists, alongside with well established ones.



Distorted video mixing and CRT effects take center stage for the tripped out, technicolor visual accompaniment for Sha Sha Kimbo’s “Save The World”. The effect is a playful nod to the technology of yesteryear, adding a layer of nostalgia and warmth to the overall production, incorporating elements of both past and present to create a sonic and visual experience reminiscent of the acid scene of the 90’s and early 00’s. The psychedelic visuals are a perfect match for the mix of colors creating a hypnotic world of swirling shapes and shifting hues. 

Alex Pelly and Aura T-09 created this video with digital footage and live CRT effects.


A metaphor for how close we are to slipping underground and being forced out of the safeguarded existences we've become numbly contended by, "Horizons" explores an alternate timeline where the ordinary demands a closer look. With organic environments being challenged by artificial landscapes, a loss of innocence lingers behind every deluding and hallucinatory turn. 

"This was the first time as an artist that I’ve been able to express myself both visually and musically, and being able to watch the video come from a vague idea to a complete world has been really rewarding. Keep your eyes open. You’ll never know what you’ll see if you look around." - Wheez-ie

drink water, take your vitamins


A rapid series of illustrated loops vacillate between the base animal and larger-than-life experience of hardcore electronic music, capturing the phenomenon of the rave as a holy space. Conceived by Kilbourne and Jensine, the wellspring of imagery in the video reflects the work of Dino Buzzati, an Italian novelist and artist known for his simple, yet evocative illustrations of surrealist landscapes, populated with expressive buildings and conceptual architecture, often echoing the human experience we share. The memorialization and attempt to form images based on these feelings and memories of being in the live music space took on an additional significance during a time where live music was unavailable to us.

Jensine Eckwall is an illustrator located in Brooklyn, NY. She has illustrated middle grade, children's, and adult literature in the horror, fantasy, science fiction, and historical genres. Jensine's work is created in a variety of media, including ink, gouache, acrylic, and digital. Her most recent music-related project is an experimental animation using the music of LA/New York composer and musician, Charlie Looker.


The recollection of a single day is passed over in succession; the day re-lives itself endlessly. This is achieved through original footage of Vienna speekfreakdom and Hong Kong proliferating aggravations, meanwhile as the archetypes rattle the tin can of reality's veneer, through which urgent visual transfusions seep into the eye, and spread out to glut the receiving human body with an addictive substance which is not blood, not morphine, but comes sharply razored with deadly images: a compulsive matter that remains lodged in the retina, corrosively burning away and impossible to retract.



Speed Dealer Moms present a stroboscopic barrage of glitched-out imagery as a suitably disorientating visual accompaniment for the composition, complete with Chris Cunningham-esque distorted horrorshow faces, schizophrenic editing and a huge helping of pixel fuckery that nods its head to the work of Weirdcore, we’re in classic IDM territory here.

"The delirium of the decisive rhythmic behavior of the track led me into investigating different dimensions of transfer and automation. Assisted by algorithmic editing, I wrote a program which took an audio input and measured it against a threshold, making pseudo-random decisions about which audio events would result in an edit, a cut, an unintended juxtaposition. The program on its own produced interesting results, but too rudimentary and sloppy as a whole. The role of the editor then became to refine and sculpt the emergent cavalcade of the everyday, the absurd, and the hidden."
- Gavin Gamboa 


Enter the Dreamscape… The music video for Aura T-09 and Bootee’s In Dreams follows the two artists through a cinematic lens of laser-scapes and the ascension-state serenity of body-meets-sound. Ethereal and futuristic themes are joined with cuts of dance breaks on surveillance footage, organic plant landscapes enveloped in light, and two beings reaching synchronicity through a shared state of mind.