An experiment of time, space and movement, audio-reactive techniques create a vibrant work synchronized with the ghostly voices and rumbling kick drums on “Dark Fours”. As the music and visuals cascades into a multi-sensorial thunderstorm, interactions between sound and shape form a relationship of their own complex design -  sharing the same breath, speaking the same language.  The colors appear multi-dimensional, unfolding into a mesmerizing display of shapes and patterns, differentiated by their intricacies. Ambiguity presides amidst the generative blur of shapeshifting visuals, bearing merely a resemblance to reality, subverting expectations as a response to the unpredictable nature of Dev/Null’s skittering breaks.

pppanik a.k.a. pali is an interdisciplinary artist and graphic designer specializing in generative, audioreactive and 3D visuals. They also teach generative art on their Patreon.