A rapid series of illustrated loops vacillate between the base animal and larger-than-life experience of hardcore electronic music, capturing the phenomenon of the rave as a holy space. Conceived by Kilbourne and Jensine, the wellspring of imagery in the video reflects the work of Dino Buzzati, an Italian novelist and artist known for his simple, yet evocative illustrations of surrealist landscapes, populated with expressive buildings and conceptual architecture, often echoing the human experience we share. The memorialization and attempt to form images based on these feelings and memories of being in the live music space took on an additional significance during a time where live music was unavailable to us.

Jensine Eckwall is an illustrator located in Brooklyn, NY. She has illustrated middle grade, children's, and adult literature in the horror, fantasy, science fiction, and historical genres. Jensine's work is created in a variety of media, including ink, gouache, acrylic, and digital. Her most recent music-related project is an experimental animation using the music of LA/New York composer and musician, Charlie Looker.