Speed Dealer Moms present a stroboscopic barrage of glitched-out imagery as a suitably disorientating visual accompaniment for the composition, complete with Chris Cunningham-esque distorted horrorshow faces, schizophrenic editing and a huge helping of pixel fuckery that nods its head to the work of Weirdcore, we’re in classic IDM territory here.

"The delirium of the decisive rhythmic behavior of the track led me into investigating different dimensions of transfer and automation. Assisted by algorithmic editing, I wrote a program which took an audio input and measured it against a threshold, making pseudo-random decisions about which audio events would result in an edit, a cut, an unintended juxtaposition. The program on its own produced interesting results, but too rudimentary and sloppy as a whole. The role of the editor then became to refine and sculpt the emergent cavalcade of the everyday, the absurd, and the hidden."
- Gavin Gamboa 

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